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Some medicinal patients prefer herbal plants for the treatment of diseases. Herbal medicines are derived from plants and their extracts. They are used to treat diseases, and alleviate the worst symptoms of patients. They are created from several sources like berries, leaves, flowers, roots and tree bark. Ashitaba, Tulsi, and dandelion are some of the natural herbal plants.

Dandelion roots are rich in vitamins and minerals. The roots are dark brown, thick and brittle and are filled with a milky substance that is bitter in taste with a slight odor. There are used for nutritional and medicinal purposes. The roots contain iron, potassium and zinc which help for the treatment of anemia. Dandelion root offers high antioxidant value which is helpful in preventing cancer and fighting tumors. They are also used as an appetite stimulant and a digestive aid. The various health benefits of dandelion root includes

1. Treatment of anemia: The roots are rich in iron content. Therefore, it is helpful for building red blood cells in the body which helps to cure anemia.

2. Detoxify vital organs: The diuretic abilities of dandelion root help for flushing out the toxins from liver, kidneys and gallbladder and fights with infections.

3. Treatment of high blood pressure: The root of dandelion is a natural diuretic which is combined with high potassium content for an effectual treatment to lower blood pressure.

4. Treatment of diabetes: Dandelion roots lower blood sugar levels in patients. It is used to treat diabetes.

5. Treatment of skin disorder: The root is used for the treatment of skin disorders like eczema, acne, and psoriasis. It is also used for healing arthritis and osteoarthritis. It is also used as medicine for lowering cholesterol.

6. Digestive system: Dandelion roots are used in tea leaves and helps for relieving constipation and fullness.

7. High nutritional value: The root contains vitamins A, B-complex, C and D and minerals zinc, iron, and potassium. The combination of vitamins and minerals makes it a high antioxidant food.

8. Mood enhancer: It helps to calm down the mood and depression due to the high amount of vitamin B-complex present in the roots.

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Olive Oil Brain Health Benefits

Many of us appreciate the wonderful benefits of adding olive oil to our diet, but few know about the powerful effect it can have on brain health.

Part of the famous Mediterranean Diet, olive oil has long been of interest to researchers. Research has now demonstrated that the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of olive oil can reduce the risk of heart problems, and also provide greater protection for the digestive tract.

Moreover, research has also demonstrated olive oil’s ability to reduce the risk of some kinds of cancer. According to research conducted in the US, Belgium, Spain and Ireland, the risk of breast cancer and upper digestive tract cancer can be lessened by consuming as little as 2 tablespoons of olive oil daily.

As if all of these amazing health benefits were not good enough reasons to include olive oil in our diet, research is now pointing to olive oil’s powerful contribution to brain health.

Researchers in France have now shown olive oil’s ability to improve the cognitive functioning of the brain. A recent large-scale study of older adults demonstrated that people’s visual memory and verbal fluency could actually be improved through regular use of olive oil.

In separate research, olive oil was administered to laboratory animals whose brain function had been compromised through lack of oxygen. Adding olive oil to the diet of these animals had an amazing effect – It effectively offset a host of brain-related problems, including unbalanced nervous system activity and the ability of molecules to pass through the blood-brain barrier.

This amazing ability to protect the brain during times of imbalance and stress has great potential for brain health and is the subject of ongoing research.

In another very recent large and well-designed study, researches also found that olive oil had the ability to stave off strokes. Strokes are potentially life-threatening and serious medical emergencies that result from blood being cut off from the brain. Though people above the age of 65 are in the highest risk bracket, 25% of all strokes happen to people under this age. Because strokes do not respect age, even children can have them.

This well constructed study involved more than 8000 people and had a full 6 year follow-up period which enabled results to be confirmed over time.

The results astounded researchers. The researchers found that people who included plenty of olive oil in their diet had a whopping 41% lower risk of having a stroke than those who did not use olive oil at all!

The marvellous health benefits of olive oil derive mainly from its powerful anti-inflammatory polyphenols and more than 2 dozen other anti-infammitory compounds. Its massive 70% oleic acid content greatly aids the body in maintaining a healthy balance of LDL and HDL cholesterol. Also, olive oil is abundant in anti-oxidants which have the ability to protect the body – and brain – from damage.

The finest olive oil to use if extra virgin olive oil. This type of oil is the unrefined oil extracted from the first pressing of the olives. Not only does it contain the highest degree of important compounds and healthy nutrients, but it also has the most delicate and delicious flavour.

If you really value your health and are determined to maintain a healthy brain, then extra virgin olive oil is one of the best brain foods you can take.

Super Foods – 13 Healthiest Foods to Eat

The road to optimal health is a buffet of nutritional foods that are packed with maximum health benefits. These nutrient dense foods are often referred as “super foods”, and contain essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that prevent cardiovascular and neurological diseases, and regresses the ageing process. Super foods contain more nutrients per calorie in comparison with regular foods, and therefore, are an absolute solution to low fat diet, low fat cooking and a healthy lifestyle. Super foods being surplus in nutritional benefits, must be incorporated in regular meals everyday, to harness the complete benefits.

Avocados are brimming with monounsaturated fat, vitamin E, folic acid, potassium, beta-sitosterol, lutein and fiber. A super food that reduces bad cholesterol (LDL), protects from cardiovascular diseases, provides defense against prostrate cancer, and arrests cataracts. Easily digestible, which makes them ideal for people who have problems digesting the fatty foods.

Red Wine and Green Tea contain essential compounds like polyphenols, antioxidants and flavonoids, beneficial for cardiovascular health and impede the cell-oxidation process, thus delays ageing.

Citrus fruits like oranges, lemon, lime, and grapefruit contain bioflavanoids responsible for anti-inflammatory and inhibit blood coagulation in veins and arteries. Contains antioxidants, beneficial in naturally dawdle the ageing process.

Garlic and Almonds lowers blood pressure and increase good cholesterol-HDL, while reduces the bad cholesterol-LDL. Regular consumption prevents blood from loosing its natural density, which otherwise may cause certain blood diseases.

Walnuts are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, constructive in fighting against heart disease. Our body cannot manufacture this vital fat, thus, a powerful reason to consume walnuts everyday.

Research shows, a habitual consumption of oatmeal reduces cholesterol up to 23%. Oats have a lesser impact on the blood sugar levels, therefore an excellent food grain for diabetics.

Cruciferae vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli contain antioxidants that boost the immune system and help fights against breast, colon and lung cancers. Research has revealed that Broccoli contains sulforaphane, a lethal compound that efficiently fights cancer and prevents it.

Berries are an abundant source of antioxidants, Vitamin C and soluble fiber, which inhibits cell damage and improve our chances of not falling prey to cancer. Blueberries help reverse the short-term memory loss. A regular consumption of blueberries by the elders will improve their graying memory.

Spinach contains Lutein, a natural weapon against age related macular degeneration; it prevents cataracts, partial blindness in the elderly. No doubt Poeye -The Sailor Man consumes it everyday!

Tomatoes contain terrific levels of Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that protect tissues and cells from damage.

Lean meat like Turkey contains Selenium that inhibits cancer development, improves the immune system, and supports the regulation of thyroid hormone. Counted as the leanest protein foods, with lower calories, thus making it an excellent healthy food choice.

Fatty Fish like salmon contains the Omega-3 fatty acids, which prevents heart disease and stroke by lowering the body’s rate of blood clotting.

Cocoa the main ingredient for chocolate provides flavenoids (antioxidants), which provides defense against heart disease and cancer. However, there is a high fat content, and therefore, dark chocolate with a high cocoa percentage must be preferred over the others

As the research continues to seek the essential nutrients for health benefits, it’s been found that many of these 13 healthiest super foods have been consumed since generations, and the recent ones are packed with vitamins and minerals with exciting health benefits.

Have You Been Concerned Your Ovarian Cysts Could Be Cancerous?

Having a cyst on ovary produces very vague signs and symptoms of illness or issues, except if you’re lucky enough to have the sharp pain inside your pelvis, which could potentially be a significant sign that it is time for you to visit your doctor for a pelvic examination. Sadly, pain or pressure inside your lower stomach region is among the early symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Does a cyst on ovary normally mean you’ve got ovarian cancer? No, absolutely not. Could the cyst actually be malignant? Sad to say, yes! Ovarian cyst signs and symptoms have to be taken care of really seriously, although the majority of them are nothing to fear. Cysts that don’t ever grow to be malignant are functional cysts, and occur more often than not with no symptoms whatsoever.

A type of ovarian cyst that can be cancerous is a dermoid cyst, but just one to two % are cancerous. Ovarian cysts actually can be one of the only early symptoms of ovarian cancer that isn’t a vague, universal indication.

Thus, what are some of the early symptoms of ovarian cancer?

– pain in the lower abdomen – unpredictable period – trapped wind, or pressure in the pelvis- difficulty breathing – stomach troubles, including nausea or vomiting, alteration of digestive tract habits, acid reflux – low back pain – inexplicable weight gain – exhaustion – urinary problems

Ovarian cancer results in several obscure symptoms that may manifest and will very easily end up being misunderstood. There have been studies, that have pointed out that having a couple of of these symptoms for a prolonged period of time could be a reason to visit your doctor.

Due to the fact that you will find no distinguishing early symptoms of ovarian cancer, besides the previously listed ones, a woman must pay close attention to what she’s going through. If there is any suspicion whatsoever that an ovarian cyst is present and that the doctor is not doing enough, the best solution is to get a second opinion.

Are Your Floors Making You and Your Family Sick?

There are so many things in this world that can bring harm to you and the ones you love. Not in a million years would you think your floors would be on that list. It’s a surprising notion that shouldn’t go ignored, because right now, you could be living in a home with floor materials that are causing problems to your health. When you’re trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, you have to consider all aspects of your life, including the products you use and don’t use. A naturopathic family care doctor can better guide you along this path.

The Hidden Dangers of PVC Flooring

If you have young children crawling around on the floor, then this should be of grave concern to you. PVC floors are made with vinyl, a flexible plastic. This is also found in daycares and playrooms where there are padded play mats on the floor.

The issue with PVC is that it contains phthalates, also known as plasticizers. These are a groups of chemicals that are designed to make plastic bendable and more resilient. Unfortunately, these are also known to lead to ill-effects in your endocrine system. Phthalates disrupt your endocrine, which can lead to hormonal imbalances leading to cancer. PVC has already made it to the headlines regarding its link to other health conditions, such as asthma and allergies.

An integrative medicine doctor in Arizona can provide naturopathic care to you and your family. Consult with one to see how you can safeguard yourselves from the dangers of PVC.

The Side Effects of PVC Exposure

It’s enough that we have to worry about lead and BPA – adding PVC to the list of harmful chemicals only makes life harder for the lot of us. PVC is found in many products sold in stores, including toys. Phthalates can also be found in other substances, such as shower curtains, food packages, cosmetics, household cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products.

PVC exposure in children is believed to be tied to health concerns, like gender-bending, decreased dysgenesis syndrome, testicular cancer, enlarged prostate glands, early or delayed puberty, breast cancer, uterine fibroids and PCOS.

These are big concerns for both individuals and families. It’s important to pay closer attention to the types of products and materials used in your home. If you’d like to learn more about how to care for your family’s health, you can talk to a naturopathic doctor today!

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Inflammatory breast cancer is a special kind of advanced breast cancer and it’s a serious one. Though we see an increasing number of cases, it is rare, accounting for only 1 to 4 percent of all breast cancers. Overall survival is worse in women with this kind of breast cancer than in other forms of breast cancer. It is inflammatory because its initial manifestations are usually redness and warmth in the skin of the breast, often without a palpable lump. Oftentimes, the patient and even the doctor will mistake it for a simple infection and she’ll be put on antibiotics. But it doesn’t get better. It also doesn’t get worse and that’s the tip-off: an infection will always get better or worse within a week or two – it rarely stays the same. If no change seems to be evident, the doctor should perform a biopsy of the underlying tissue to see if it is cancer.

Symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer include:Breast becomes red, purple, pink or bruised; Breast becomes firm and enlarged;A warm feeling in the breast; Itching of the breast; Pain; Skin texture similar to an orange peel;

The treatment usually starts with chemotherapy, systemic treatment, surgery and then radiation therapy, which are the local treatments; this is then followed by additional chemotherapy and then hormone treatments.

This form of cancer is not caused by an inflammation or infection. Inflammatory breast cancer happens when cancer cells clog the lymphatic vessels in the skin overlying the breast.

As with all advanced cancers, chemotherapy is started with three or four cycles of Adriamycin and Cytoxan with or without Taxol or Taxotere. After which local treatment can be done – usually in the form of mastectomy. After mastectomy, most women will receive four more cycles of chemotherapy followed by radiation therapy to the chest wall. Serious though it can be, inflammatory breast cancer is still an extremely variable disease.

These treatments have greatly improved the prognosis for a woman with inflammatory breast cancer. Recent studies have shown as much as a 50% survival rate after 5 years and a 35% survival rate after 10 years.

Do E Cigs Cause Cancer?

Did you ever think about an e cigarette, which is an electronic device and an effective substitute for a tobacco cigarette? If you are planning to quit smoking, the best and the easy way is to choose an e-cig. Do e cigs cause cancer? The answer is a big “NO”; e-cigs reduce the chances of cancer. Today most of the smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes from tobacco cigarettes. Comparatively these smokeless devices are safe to use and reduce the chances of cancer.

Many health specialists suggest that e-cigs are considerably safe and an effective smoking cessation method because:

* Many studies and researches show that the usage of this magical device reduces the chance of cancer. Other than the nicotine it does not contain any of the 5000 hazardous chemicals present in the tobacco.
* E cigs eliminate the dangerous carcinogens and the level of malicious matter (nicotine) present in electronic cigarettes is very low when compared to tobacco cigarettes and other nicotine delivery substances like nicotine gum and patches.
* The vaping reduces the smoking urge since the users smoke not only for the nicotine fill but also to fulfill the urge to hold something. The e-cig fixes both these urge.
* Since e-cigs mimic the original tobacco cigarettes and look like the real cigarettes, the users get complete satisfaction.
* There is no ignition or burning of tobacco so there is no chance of passive smoking.
* E-cigarettes are smokeless and odorless.
* Smokers consume only vapor and hence, it does not cause any carbon deposit inside the body cells.
* E-cigs contain only nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol, which is used in inhalers and cough syrups.
* Nicotine alone inhaled does not lead to cancer.
* Passive tobacco smoking also leads to cancer, but e-cigs do not cause any passive smoking.
* Complete quitting of tobacco cigarettes are recommended for best results.

Are E- Cigs Harmful?

Are e cigs harmful? No, the usage of e cigs is not harmful. However, the significance does not lie in the usage of e-cigs, but on how much a smoker keeps away from the habit of tobacco smoking. Tobacco is the most dangerous substance and it causes cancer. No doubt, e-cigarettes are safe and they are very effective. The Lung Studies in ex-smokers show no reported boost in lung cancer in long term smokers of e-cigs. So the best answer for “Do e cigs cause cancer?” is, they reduce the risk of cancer and can be used as the best supplement for tobacco smoking.

What Is A Bad Weight Loss Diet?

Although obesity is a killer, a fad diet can make things even worse.

Obesity is excess fat, well above the norm. Although obese people try many diet plans, none of them seem to work.

Although more than a hundred million Americans diet each year, 95% of them get all their weight back within five years. What makes things even worse for a third of them is that they gain more weight back. This failure to lose weight results in switching from one diet plan to another in vain.

The principle culprit in why diet plans fail is not a lack of will-power in following them, but the diets themselves. Fad diets upset the natural eating habits and create side effects. For example, diets that insist people eat high amounts of proteins create a lot of stress on the body to eliminate the concentrated food source. Anything in excess is not good, including protein.

How Protein Helps In Weight Loss


Today, as many as 65% of Americans are either overweight or obese. Although this makes them look unattractive, far more serious issues are involved here.

Obesity contributes to as many as 375,000 deaths every single year. People who are obese can face a wide variety of illnesses, including gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

In addition, the public health costs for obesity are staggering. According to researchers at Harvard University, obesity is a factor in 19% of all cases of heart disease with annual health costs estimated at 30 billion dollars; it’s also a factor in 57% of diabetes cases, with health costs of $ 9 billion per year.

The Importance Of Setting Realistic Goals

You have probably fallen for more than one fat loss plan that failed over the years. The promise of a quick and painless change never happened.

The worst thing about many of these diets is that they made you feel worse. You may have suffered health problems like aches and pains, flatulence, and feeling exhausted all the time.

There is one reason that fad weight loss diets don’t work: they emphasize the value of only eating one type of food source. This is in direct contradiction to the principles of good health, where a balanced diet is the way to go.

Safe, healthy, and permanent weight reduction is what’s truly lost among the thousands of popular diet schemes.

Although many weight loss diet plans have been introduced, few last very long. This is because they fail to deliver on their promise and the general public soon gets bored with trying something that does not work.

Most fad diets work on the principle of catabolism. They force the body to get insufficient energy from food and have to compensate by making up the difference by breaking down some part of itself. The result of this imbalance is a state of continuous fatigue.

Instead of choosing a fad diet that does not work, find a weight loss diet that is both healthy and that can help you lose weight.

Ralcon- the bulk exporter offering drop shipping facility!

The perspectives have changed; the paradigms of success have been different than those which were prevailing earlier. Expectations of buyers have also increased. To fulfill the changing requirements, revolutionary changes are happening in the pharmaceutical sector. Ralcon Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. since its establishment in 2012 has been the pioneer of this change. The innovative policies carved out of research processes and consumer surveys have appealed a large mass of consumers and have gained huge popularity enabling the company to explore more markets.

The pharmaceutical supplier company has already been in active charge of many markets in leading developed countries like US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Gulf countries, Malaysia and Thailand. The company is now expanding its services in India with a view to cater to large amount of population. It has focused its attention not only on urban areas but it also going to serve to rural areas. It serves above 140 nations.

Cut throat competition has become a usual phenomenon in pharmaceutical industry. Many companies are fighting for control of market and despite this tough situation; Ralcon has proved its capabilities of being a large wholesale distributor of medicines. Along with pharmaceutical distribution services, the company also provides drop shipping facilities, contract manufacturing as well as doorstep delivery facility for its customers.

More than 1000 products pertaining to various categories are available at Ralcon. The company supplies medications for eye care, skin care, cancer, bacterial and viral infections as well as for bone and joint pain. It specializes in distribution of Herbal Himalaya medicines which are different from conventional allopathic medicines. Besides, Blood and urine strips as well as surgical instruments are also supplied by Ralcon.

The company has made the process of placing the order extremely simple. Interested consumers can fill and send an enquiry form that is available on company’s website. After submitting the form, the company officials will contact the person within 24 hours and give the detailed description of products. Consumers can also avail the benefit of online chat facility which is also available on the website.

Medicines provided by Ralcon are approved by WHO and FDA and it explains their best quality. The company places very high importance on consumer satisfaction and thus had trained its employees in the manner in which they can give their maximum possible services to clients. The humanitarian approach is always given more preference than profit-making and thus the company is making arrangements to make medications available at lower price. The positive reviews which the company has acquired from clients are the biggest asset considered by the company. Trust and loyalty from the clients is just innumerable!

The Cancer Of The Lungs Treatment and Side Effects

Lung cancer therapy side effects are frequently even worse than the illness itself. Each person has a distinct response to any type of remedy given. The response of the individual likewise is dependent upon the type of treatment method provided and it’s oftentimes unique per individual. Usually unwanted effects are short-term and then the most effective way of dealing with them is to treat the symptoms as they come about.

Surgery treatment Related Negative Effects – Surgical treatments for cancer of the lung is a main method and also difficulties comprise: Air and fluid collecting within the chest, individuals usually would need aid coughing, inhaling and exhaling deeply, and turning themselves onto drain their chest, pain as well as weakness in the chest, side, and arm on the affected side, shortness of breath, affected individuals generally need several weeks or months to be able to obtain back to their usual strength as well as fitness levels, yet very often it is never achieved.

Unwanted Effects of Chemotherapy – However, chemotherapy affects regular cells as well as the malignant cells, as well as negative effects depend generally on specific medications as well as the amount of medication given.

Common negative effects of chemotherapy include: Nausea, vomiting, hair loss, mouth sores, fatigue.

Radiation Therapy Connected Side Effects – Similar to chemotherapy, radiation therapy has an effect on ordinary cells and also the cancerous cells. The negative effects of radiation remedy depend primarily on the certain body part treated plus the cure dose given.

Typical side-effects of radiation cure are: Dry sore throat, difficulty swallowing, loss in appetite, fatigue, skin changes at the site of cure. Unwanted Effects for patients getting the radiation to the brain consist of: Headaches, skin changes, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, baldness, problems with memory and thoughts.

Photodynamic treatment gets the following usual side effects in people medicated: Coughing, trouble swallowing, painful breathing or difficulty breathing, the skin can get blistered, red, or swollen every once in awhile, skin and also eyes become hypersensitive to light for six weeks or more, and when people head out out of doors they should put on protective clothing, which includes sun glasses as results of lung cancer therapy unwanted effects.