Have You Been Concerned Your Ovarian Cysts Could Be Cancerous?

Having a cyst on ovary produces very vague signs and symptoms of illness or issues, except if you’re lucky enough to have the sharp pain inside your pelvis, which could potentially be a significant sign that it is time for you to visit your doctor for a pelvic examination. Sadly, pain or pressure inside your lower stomach region is among the early symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Does a cyst on ovary normally mean you’ve got ovarian cancer? No, absolutely not. Could the cyst actually be malignant? Sad to say, yes! Ovarian cyst signs and symptoms have to be taken care of really seriously, although the majority of them are nothing to fear. Cysts that don’t ever grow to be malignant are functional cysts, and occur more often than not with no symptoms whatsoever.

A type of ovarian cyst that can be cancerous is a dermoid cyst, but just one to two % are cancerous. Ovarian cysts actually can be one of the only early symptoms of ovarian cancer that isn’t a vague, universal indication.

Thus, what are some of the early symptoms of ovarian cancer?

– pain in the lower abdomen – unpredictable period – trapped wind, or pressure in the pelvis- difficulty breathing – stomach troubles, including nausea or vomiting, alteration of digestive tract habits, acid reflux – low back pain – inexplicable weight gain – exhaustion – urinary problems

Ovarian cancer results in several obscure symptoms that may manifest and will very easily end up being misunderstood. There have been studies, that have pointed out that having a couple of of these symptoms for a prolonged period of time could be a reason to visit your doctor.

Due to the fact that you will find no distinguishing early symptoms of ovarian cancer, besides the previously listed ones, a woman must pay close attention to what she’s going through. If there is any suspicion whatsoever that an ovarian cyst is present and that the doctor is not doing enough, the best solution is to get a second opinion.

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