Oral cancer- Its causes and symptoms

What is oral cancer?

The term oral cancer refers to cancer of the mouth and the pharynx, which is basically the back of the throat. Also known as mouth cancer, it is a type of head and neck cancer.

What are the causes of oral cancer?

The two main causes of oral or mouth cancer are tobacco and alcohol. Many a times, the heavy use of both increases the risk of oral cancer. Let’s now take a look at the risk factors that cause oral cancer:

1. Smoking- Numerous studies conducted show that a chain smoker who smokes an approximate of
40 cigarettes a day develops a higher risk of contracting this fatal condition, as compared to a lifelong non-smoker.

2. Chewing tobacco- This ill habit too has been proven as one of the major causes of developing oral/ mouth cancer.

3. Alcohol consumption- Another habit that is directly associated with mouth cancer is heavy or regular consumption of alcohol.

4. Smoking and drinking- Oncologists have made it clear that an individual who indulges in drinking and smoking on a regular basis has a higher risk of developing cancer compared to others.

5. Exposure to the sun- If you are exposed too often and too much to the direct rays of the sun or sunlamps possesses a higher possibility of getting oral cancer.

6. Diet- Your diet too could affect your condition, as studies show that people who consume lots of red meat, processed meat or fried foods are more susceptible to this condition.

What are the signs and symptoms of oral cancer?

Ask any cancer treatment specialist and he/she will tell you the following as some of the most common symptoms of oral cancer. They include:

* A constant irritation, lump or thick patch developed in the mouth, lip or throat.
* A white or red colored patch in the mouth.
* A heavy feeling in the throat.
* Facing a difficulty in chewing and swallowing your food.
* A numb feeling in your tongue, or some other areas of your mouth.
* Swelling of the jaw.
* Pain in one ear without having any sort of hearing loss.

If you are someone who has been facing all or some of the above-mentioned symptoms for more than two weeks, make it a point to visit your dentist for an oral cancer exam at the earliest. And, if your dentist suggests it, be sure to visit an oncology surgery doctor to analyze your condition better. But beware and refrain from panicking, as any infection could cause similar or the same symptoms.

Health Insurance Georgia Policies and Plans Help Residents Maintain Healthy Lives

Most people are aware of how important it is to have a health insurance Georgia policy in place in case of a medical emergency. However, it is often overlooked how helpful it can be to have good health insurance Georgia benefits in order to avoid serious medical problems. Preventing serious illness is a goal of most major health insurance carriers. It is known that preventing medical problems can actually save money.

Many other studies point out that most people do not follow all the recommended preventive exams and screenings, including mammograms, even if they are included in their health insurance Georgia policy. Also, immunizations that are recommended to the elderly are not necessarily used as often as recommended. Many members of Medicare do not follow the recommended screenings for colorectal cancer either. And often, health insurance Georgia policies include benefits and coverage for all of these exams.

Health Insurance Georgia Policies Include Preventive Medical Procedures

Health insurance Georgia policies include benefits for many screenings, regular physical checkups, and other recommended preventive procedures because the companies know that preventing an illness will be cheaper than treating it when it occurs. Now, there is talk regarding what may be the best way of increasing the number of Americans who actually take advantage of these health insurance Georgia benefits. Some people are wondering whether there is an effective way of notifying both doctors and patients when it is time for a procedure, and then follow up on that. Health insurance Georgia companies are working with governmental and medical associations on this idea.

If your doctor has given you a checklist of basic screening tests, check with your health insurance Georgia policy to see if these tests are covered. Then, be sure to take advantage of them if they are included. If they are excluded, then consider adding a rider to your health insurance Georgia policy, or talk with your doctor about why the screening is important and what you can do about it. It is helpful for patient and doctor to work together to improve the patient’s health.

For children, there are many recommended immunizations and physical exams, to check for growth and development progress. Almost all of these are covered by most health insurance Georgia policies. It is important that parents keep up with the medical and preventive needs of children in order to properly diagnose and identify potential problems and medical conditions.

Even with excellent health insurance Georgia coverage, it is possible to still become ill or develop a serious medical condition. However, it is wise to do everything you can to prevent such a situation. It is recommended that people improve their health by developing many healthy life style habits, such as exercise, proper nutrition, adequate rest, etc. There are things to avoid also, such as becoming overweight, smoking, or living under too much stress. Your health insurance Georgia policy probably has resources to assist you in improving your health.

Receiving recommended screenings and physical exams is part of having a healthy lifestyle also. So, get your money’s worth out of your health insurance Georgia policy and make an appointment now for any past due screenings.

Being Green, Gardening and Why I Blame my Kid

So often you hear “Its all my parents fault” occasionally I even hear m mother taking the blame for my occasionally caustic personality thought I’m fairly certain I’ve never blamed her for my questionable vocabulary and sharp tongue. Not that she’ shy by any means just a little more diplomatic.

In this case I’m blaming my kid instead of the other way around. It all started in the spring while the youngest was I the second grade. She came home all wound up about needing to save the earth. In fairness I’ve been a pretty green guy for years. I’ve used Organic lawn care products long before I most people had the environment as top of mind. Speaking of organic I’ve bought organic when its available for the past decade and local all my life. What I wouldn’t say is that by any means am I an environmentalist. In fact while I’ve claimed to be a lot of things an environmentalist has never been one of them. Buying green due to a fear of cancer and a shorter life, buying local because I liked the farmers market, the fresher products and the people selling me my veggies. In both cases I did the right thing by accident and not as a conscious act.

So anyway here she comes bouncing along at nine years old excited, full of great ideas and decked out in her often present pig tails. First she tells me how much wood is wasted and placed in land fills rather than being used for other projects or recycles. I don’t question the percentage or amount she quote to me like gospel. All I say is “oh really” before she launches in to more statistical evidence provided by a well meaning science teacher. OK fine she’s been heard I get it and leave the 2×4’s and 1×3’s from the recently disassembled dog cage in the basement and I built poorly constructed, unattractive but completely functional trellis complete with reused untangled kite string for the beans and climbing flowers to crawl up. My mothers father would have been so proud it looked like a contraption he would have built out of whatever was laying around. In his case not because he was an environmentalist or because he had a daughter or granddaughter telling him to “recycle” but because it was there and paid for and there was no reason to get rid of perfectly good wood.

So we recycled the nail laden and hole filled boards into our new creation. Sure money was save because I fully planned to go out and buy lattice or trellis for the plants this year. She proudly helped me finish the building by pound the last nails in, tying off the last strings and the running inside to get her mother to see our monstrosities that were placed in a front garden behind a garden statue that was a gift from her side of the family. So my wife came out, smiled at her reassuringly since she was so proud of the cooked ladder looking things right before asking how quickly the pants would grow to cover them.

I did what any wise husband would shrugged and guessed “June maybe July” being very no committal.

She smiled and told our daughter what a great idea it was and then shot me a look questioning my abilities as a carpenter. Which while I dabble at things is yet another thing I’ve never claimed to be. The beans and flowers have done particularly well. We’ll just chalk it up to a little extra rain and good karma.

So its fall and being one to never waste soil I practice a nontraditional yet completely natural way of composting. Now sure I could buy one of those nifty composting bins to help the process. My mother and father have several of them. Frankly I’m too cheap for that. Instead cutting the plants as they brown put them in pile with old potting soil in an un-planted spot in a garden. Preferably but not necessarily obscured by a large stone statue, rock or large patch of plants where it can break down “naturally”.

So when the fall harvest of sunflowers began we took the heads less the seeds and put them in a spot next to the herb garden. It was the same place I unceremoniously put the manure laden soil mixture from my previous two years indoor lettuce planting. To the left of the bronze garden faerie my the chocolate bell pepper plants (yes I know they aren’t herbs) by the basil, behind the lemon thyme.

And so it sat as as we cut the long green leafy stalks into foot long lengths to they’d fit and more importantly not draw too much attention. Chatting back and forth with out the distraction of TV, video games or computers, quiet quality uninterrupted time. That’s where the lesson accidentally came in more talk about letting plants go to see so we could use those seeds to create new plants for next year. Talk about how such things work in nature and why it works that way. And the finally about how reusing parts of the old plants helps keep the soil rich. See it isn’t about making a political statement, it doesn’t come from a deep need to change the world. It comes from nothing more than good old fashioned horse sense and helping to do what nature does in its own way to improve your own gardening results.

Sure there are missteps along the way like unattractive structures behind the wife’s favorite garden statue. Or like when the mother in law comes over and grumbles at me before the sun comes up about why in the world are my coffee grounds wets and weak. The reason being is she used the can labeled “GROUNDS” meaning used coffee that once its sweet nectar had been consumed served a better purpose in my pile of rotting vegetation, sprinkled on the lawn or as part of my cow manure and compost tea I make to water the occasional growing thing.

But in the end of it all sometimes a little youthful idealism, being a touch cheap, and acting like my old farmer grandfather intersects with lofty ideals without even trying and for this I blame my kid.

A few last words of advice. Mother in laws usually survive weak wet used coffee and even understand and forgive you on occasion. An upfront warning about how the plants might just completely cover the wife’s favorite garden statue for 4 or 5 months if all the seeds take and grow like bad weeds might be warranted. And finally remember those informal compost piles you’ve been hiding through out the gardens well. Well the one out by the Fairy Statue and herbs I’ve got to tell you something about it the bad news is that the compost pile has taken on a new purpose quite accidentally. The soil from the lettuce planters well it’s sort of sprouted with the all the other good stuff we put on top of it, a little rain and some nice cool nights. On the up side we’re going to have a bumper crop of home grown mixed field greens this fall. Well that and it’s all Elise’s fault!

Yoga And Meditation Go Hand-In-Hand

Western Researchers are currently studying the healing effects of beta-endorphins released during yoga and meditation that may be curing people of everything from asthma, ADHD and high blood pressure to diabetes, multiple sclerosis and cancer. “Ayudervedic healing,” as it’s called, has been in practice for over 5,000 years but didn’t arrive in the United States until the 1970s. The healing is based on three areas — diet, herbs and meditation yoga — particularly “Sahaja Yoga.”

In recent years, Sahaja yoga and meditation has caught a lot of media attention for its alleged healing properties, as well as its use at Rikers Island prison in New York City to treat mentally disturbed criminals. It is believed that Sahaja relaxation technique can instill a sense of deep spirituality and facilitates the release and circulation of beta-endorphins associated with wellness. The end goal of its meditation is a sense of inner awakening and union (sometimes referred to as “kundalini”).

Students of this branch will study the three vertical energy channels within the human body: the sun channel (governing our thought processes), the parasympathetic / nervous system channel (governing our body processes) and the moon channel (governing our emotions).

In addition to these three channels, millions of chakras (literally translated from Sanskrit to mean “wheels” or energy centers) are swirling around us, keeping the channels in motion. Chakras can vary from religion to religion, but Sahaja relaxation technique focuses on several in its yoga and meditation:

– the crown chakra (pituitary gland / consciousness);
– the third eye chakra (pineal gland / sleep and awakening);
– the throat chakra (thyroid / growth and maturity);
– the heart chakra (thymus / stress and wellbeing);
– the solar plexus chakra (pancreas / digestion and energy);
– the sacral chakra (groin / sexuality and reproduction);
– and the root chakra (adrenal gland / basic fight or flight instincts and kundalini awakening).

Another study is the Raja relaxation technique tradition (the “king” of yoga or “royal path”), which is heavily steeped in spirituality. Practitioners believe in a serious code based upon self-restraint, quietude, concentration, regulation of breathing, uniting body and mind through action, withdrawing from the senses and studying religious texts.

Often retreats are offered (by places like the Margaret Austin Retreat Center in Texas or the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California) to help students immerse themselves in a new way of thinking. Students will learn about the Eightfold Path and the seven chakras, in addition to yamas and niyamas (code of conduct and religious observances, respectively).

Curious parties can go to SahajaYoga website for more information on the teachers, philosophy and practice of yoga and meditation. If you’re in the California region, another highly acclaimed meditation expert and retreat guide is Deepak Chopra, who can be found at Chopra website.

Also, if you go to the Yoga website studio search, you can look up Raja relaxation technique studios near you. IAYT has information regarding healing yoga.

Ayurvedic Herbal Liver Cleanse Supplements, Natural Liver Detoxifier Pills

Liver is a vital organ of the human digestive system. It carries everything that goes from mouth like food, vegetables, nuts, chocolates etc. All these food substances are processed in one or two forms to finally generate the energy needed and wastes are excreted out from the body. But being a vital part, it is exposed to many harmful substances through the food materials we consume. These toxic substances get accumulated in liver in one or other way leading to its damage. Various signs that indicate liver damage include allergies, malnutrition, high cholesterol or even kidney stone.

Being a vital part, the liver needs cleansing. Cleansing of liver mainly improves the digestion process and this is only the basis of whole health. Proper digestion will give improved health to an individual. Liver cleansing mainly destroys all the toxic from the body, thus making path for proper digestion. The main functionality of the liver is the production of bile. Bile is a complex fluid containing water, electrolytes and a battery of organic molecules including bile acids, cholesterol, and phospholipids. Bile contains bile acids which is important for digestion and absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins. Many waste products in the body are excreted out with the excretion of bile juice.

Ayurvedic remedy for liver cleansing: There are many ayurvedic liver cleanse herbs used to perform cleansing of liver without leaving any side effect. Some of them are as follows:

1. Boerhaavia Diffusa (Punarnva): It shows antibacterial activity, antioxidant and hepato-protective properties. It is an alkaloid and performs anti-amoebic activity. It mainly rejuvenates the liver and detoxifies it. It also helps to improve the urinary system and promotes the health of its tract. Punarnava is an effective ayurvedic liver cleanse herb that helps in maintaining efficient kidney function with its diuretic action.

2. Terminalia Arjuna (Arjun): This ayurvedic liver cleanse is mainly used to improve liver and kidney functionality. It possesses diuretic properties to treat severe liver problems. It contains ellagic acid and arjunic acid. This herb helps in improving cardiovascular function and in controlling cholesterol level as well. It also supports blood absorption of lipids, thereby helping in overall digestion of food.

3. Terminalia Chebula (Harad): This herbal liver cleanse is mainly used as clearing agent. It helps in increasing the digestion. It acts as an absorbent if it is boiled and helps in malabsorption. It also eliminates all the ill effects due to harmful food consumption.

4. Berberis Aristata (Daruharidra): This is mainly known as tree turmeric. It helps in fighting with many harmful toxics in liver. It is mainly used in curing liver cancer. It is the best herb for supporting the immune system, and is particularly good at reducing acquired intolerances, or allergies.

These natural herbs are blended together to form natural liver detoxifier pills, Livoxil capsules. Since liver is a vital organ performing almost all the tasks of human digestive system, it needs to be free from any toxic chemicals and this work is done by these natural liver detoxifier pills. Now the toxic substances in the liver might have entered because of various reasons such as through food, or consumption of alcohol. Livoxil capsules clean the liver in all such cases. It mainly prevents fibrosis which affects the liver negatively. The main benefits of the pills include complete cleansing, thereby providing better digestion which finally affects the health.

These are the herbal liver cleanse supplements that increase liver capacity to clean blood by preventing fibrosis. These capsules also regulated enzymes level. All these benefits make liver function properly making it free from many harmful diseases. The natural liver detoxifier pills also exhibit anti-oxidant, ant-inflammatory and immune-modularity behavior. All these properties of this herbal liver cleanse supplements help in preventing aging of the liver cells and in eliminating its toxins. These also help in bile secretion which is main task of the liver to provide energy. These natural liver detoxifier pills also provide better metabolism, healthy cholesterol level and increased appetite. It can also be used in the case of person suffering from anemia, or kidney stones. It is advisable to have one or two capsules with plain water for about 3 to 4 months for better and satisfying results.

Thoughts In Your Mind Have An Enormous Effect On Your Body.

That the thoughts in your mind have an enormous effect on your body has become well accepted. There’s even a tongue-twisting name for a new field of scientific investigation of the mind-body connection: psychoneuro-immunology or PNI. PNI studies the interaction between the mind, nervous system, immune system, and endocrine system and acknowledges the unity of our complex interacting parts.

Early mind-body studies showed that people were more likely to become ill after suffering severe emotional trauma; recent studies have been able to actually measure the dip in immune defenses. In one study the immune cells of students dropped significantly during exam week, presumably because of the extra stress. In another, rats were taught to shut down their own immune systems by conditioning alone. In 1990 a Stanford University Medical Center psychiatrist who set out to disprove the mind-body link provided strong evidence that it does exist. In the study, women with advanced breast cancer attended support groups in which they shared feelings and information and learned simple re-laxation techniques. When compared with women who did not attend the groups, the supported women were less depressed, felt less pain, had a more positive outlook and lived twice as long. Two of the women were still alive and disease-free ten years later, but none of the unsupported women survived. Many scientists suspect that the mind-body connection is involved in the documented spontaneous The goal of Ayurveda is to get in touch with the interac-tions of your doshas, with other people, and with the rhythms of the universe. When you bring your mind and awareness to that, and feel the universe flowing through you twenty-four hours a day, you are experiencing wholeness. This is why, as Deepak Chopra points out, there is no wear and tear in the universe-only rest, activity, and endless cycles of renewal and transformation. As you read this, your mind-body is busily renewing itself. You know from experience that you constantly need to cut your hair and clip your nails. As Dr. Deepak Chopra points out, what you may not know is that…

* Ninety-eight percent of the atoms in your body are replaced each year.
* The bones in your skeleton regenerate every three months.
* The cells of your liver are made new every six weeks.
* You generate a whole new skin once a month.
* Your stomach lining is replaced every five days.

What this indicates is that if you feed yourself with the right “foods,” you can influence the regeneration process. In the computer world there is a saying, “Garbage in, garbage out.” It’s the same with your mind-body. remissions from cancer and many other diseases that appear to be otherwise inexplicable.

As a result of these and other experiments, modern immunobiologists routinely refer to the immune system as a circulating nervous system. Needless to say, this has immense significance in our daily lives. Press your fingertips to your lymph glands. Do they feel hard and tender? If so, your nervous system is communicating to you that it is tired. One system is expressing the state of another, seemingly separate system.

In Ayurveda restoring and revitalizing the stress-prone nervous system is the key to preventing and treating all disease. This approach offers tools and technology to reach the underlying sources of illness stress in its many forms: from bacteria, viruses, and parasites to toxic pollution and toxic emotions.

Green Tea Benefits are Many

The wonderful health aspects of drinking green tea are not confined to weight loss. It is the natural compounds in green tea, labeled catechin polyphenols, that deliver a plethora of other benefits for health.

Adult males who ingest high numbers of catechin polyphenols have seventy-five percent lower probability of falling victim to a stroke. Green tea brings down the levels of bad LDL cholesterol and improves good HDL cholesterol levels. This brings forth a more beneficial balance between LDL and HDL plasma levels. Furthermore there is evidence that catechins can help thin the blood and reduce high blood pressure.

Protection from cancer connects with consuming green tea, too. Scientists have brought to light that damage to our DNA is one main source of cancer. Our DNA strings come under attack from 1000s of free radicals every second. This is a regular process within our cells. The wonderful thing is that our DNA is equipped to mend itself.

However, our DNA can buckle under this assailant and the DNA strands will become irrevocably damaged. This is the basis for cancer growth!

The good news is that the antioxidants of green tea can obstruct and disable rogue oxygen molecules. This helps lower our chances of falling victim to cancer! Various research has also concluded that green tea intake lowers the risk of breast cancer, throat cancer, gastrointestinal tract cancer, melanoma, kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer and urinary tract cancer!

Green tea natural substances raise our number of white blood cells. A high white blood cell count is essential to a first class immune system. There are two different white blood cells that green tea antioxidants can bolster – B-cells and T-cells. B-cells make antibodies that counteract foreign cells and pathogens. T-cells tackle particular invading organisms like germs and tumors.

For the purpose of detoxification the liver is our best friend. It sponges up toxic materials in our blood and with the presence of enzymes, chemically changes foreign chemicals into safe soluble materials. The foreign chemicals can then be passed to the large intestine for elimination. With the amount of pollution across the globe and in our food in recent times the liver suffers considerable stress!

To our advantage polyphenols can help! These polyphenols really can protect the liver from a variety these foreign materials by aiding the enzymes needed for detoxification. Our liver will truly thank us for drinking green tea!

3 Effective Skin Cancer Treatments

Skin cancer is contracted by approximately 60,000 people in the UK each year. It is normally caused by prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light which makes the process of cell division in your skin malfunction. As a result your skin cells start to multiply in a rapid, out of control way leading to the formation of a cancerous tumour which usually appears as a blemish on your skin. Fortunately, most of these cancers are very treatable if caught in the early stages. In this article I am going to be discussing three of the possible skin cancer treatments that are available to you.

1) SURGERY:- This is the most common treatment for this type of cancer. Smaller tumours can normally be removed under local anaesthetic. However, larger tumours may require a skin graft which involves the cancerous skin being removed and then replaced with a layer of healthy skin taken from another part of the body. If the cancer has spread beyond the skin and to the lymph nodes (glands that help the body get rid of unwanted bacteria) they may also have to be removed through surgery. This type of treatment has few side effects but may result in some permanent scarring of the skin depending upon the size and position of the tumour.

2) RADIOTHERAPY:- This type of treatment involves using high energy radiation beams to shrink or kill any cancerous cells. It is normally used as an alternative to surgery as it can treat the skin cancer without any scarring. Radiotherapy may also be used following surgery to kill any remaining cancer cells and reduce the chances of the cancer returning. Although radiotherapy does not result in scarring there are a number of negative side effects including a feeling of sickness similar to the flu, general tiredness and hair loss in the affected area. However, these side effects are generally temporary and will stop once the radiotherapy treatment ends.

3) CRYOTHERAPY:- This type of treatment involves freezing the cancerous cells using liquid nitrogen. It is most effective for early stage skin cancers and may not be possible with more advanced cancers. If this treatment is used the affected skin will scab over and after about a month this scab will fall off. Cryotherapy is a very low risk procedure but there is a small risk of scarring or infection on the area of skin that is treated.

Although skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in the UK it is highly treatable with the success rates being particularly high if it is discovered in the early stages. Therefore, if you notice any unusual skin blemishes that have been there for a while go see your doctor right away. It may turn out to be nothing but if it is an early stage cancerous growth your chances of successful treatment will be much higher if you get it diagnosed now instead of leaving it to grow.

Whilst every intention has been made to make this article accurate and informative, it is intended for general information only. Skin cancer is a very serious, life threatening condition and you should discuss any concerns, treatments or lifestyle changes fully with your doctor.

Fiber, How Important is It?

As a society we are undoubtedly suffering from a lack of dietary fiber. Although it is true that we are constantly warned that diets low in fiber can actually kill us, most of us continue eating the way we always have. Our diets are full of empty calories, refined foods, sugar, and very little when it comes to whole foods. As far as fiber is considered, many of us believe that a daily bowl of cereal is more than enough fiber. Sadly, the food in many of our houses consist of white flour products, cooked and canned vegetables, cookies, chips, all of which are fiber-less and artificially altered from their original state, making them less and less like actual food. The typical American eating habits have led to issues of chronic constipation, intestinal gas, bowel disorders, and a variety of infections all leading to colon cancer.

If we want to increase our fiber intake, we must first recognize what exactly fiber is, where it is found, and how it works. A lot of us would not even recognize certain foods in their whole, natural state. For the most part, whole foods from plants offer us a great amount of dietary fiber. Although food producers add natural and synthetic fiber to foods, they cannot improve on the natural fiber that is found in plants. Since ancient times, whole grains have been considered staples of the diet were consumed by the lower-class societies who could not afford the fatty, sweet, high protein diets of the upper class.

It is no coincidence that as our intake of fiber decreased, certain bowel diseases including colon cancer and diverticulitis increased. Physicians of the 19th and early 20th centuries prescribed the worse possible treatment for these bowel disorders, which was eating a bland, highly refined diet. Now today, there are over 85,000 cases of colon cancer that have diagnosed in our country each year, with the number growing.

The science of fiber began in the early 20th century, when studies were initiated on the laxative action of bran, as well as other subjects. Researchers in the sixties noticed that certain diseases, which were devastating our societies, were relatively rare in third world communities. It was concluded that all the diseases of our civilization were caused by our over-consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates. Thankfully, the medical establishment has become more aware nowadays.

Today we know that the condition of the colon is related to all body systems and can influence numerous chronic diseases, which include cancer. A bacterial flora imbalance may be the cause of many diseases, with this condition being referred to as autointoxication. Autointoxication is caused by the array of poisons that an unhealthy colon can harbor and is based on the belief that what you eat determines the kind of bacteria which will inhabit your bowel.

It has been found that we rarely replenish the good flora by eating good sources of acidophilus and routinely kill the friendly bacteria by using antibiotics and other drugs and alcohol. This creates the perfect habitat for pathogenic bacteria to flourish and leaving our colons as a toxic waste dump. Intestinal microflora can be altered by increasing your intake of dietary fiber in as little as two weeks. Since fiber affects several vital metabolic processes, eating enough of it is extremely important in maintaining good health and preventing disease.