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Clinics located in Shankill, Co. Dublin, Wicklow Town and Gorey Co. Wexford


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AmatsuAmatsu Blue Kanji

Spinal & Cranial Alignment

Whole Body Rebalancing

Easing Muscle & Joint Pain

Gentle and Deeply Relaxing


Amatsu is a physical therapy, which helps the body let go of postural difficulties, easing joint and muscle pain. Gentle safe techniques are used to relax muscles and strengthen ligaments.


Amatsu treats the whole body from feet to head



Back & Neck Pain, Muscle, Joint & Limb Pain, Sports Injuries, Whiplash, Sciatica, Arthritis, Headaches, Tinnitus, Jaw Pain, Postural Problems, Scoliosis, Irritable Bowel, Acid Reflux, Digestive Problems, Stress.



Amatsu is derived from ancient Japanese warrior healing arts.  Dennis Bartrum and William Doolan brought Amatsu to the west under the guidance of Dr Masaaki Hatsumi Phd, Grand Master Bujinkan martial art (Ninjutsu).



Applied Kinesiology

Known as Muscle Testing, a biofeedback tool, gaining information on the functioning of muscles, joints and organs.

Ligamentous Reflex Repatterning

Working with the nervous systems response and control of ligaments. By gently holding and moving the limbs, joints and muscles are rebalanced.

Body and Cranial Balancing

Gentle techniques including working with the Cranio Sacral Rhythm, an inherent subtle rhythm throughout the entire body.  Gentle pressure and support is given to key areas.  These techniques ease restrictions  in the skull and entire body.


Applying gentle pressure to Kusho (special) points, located by observation and palpation.  This improves and balances fluid and energy flows, enabling the body’s structures to balance themselves.

Remedial Massage

Massage techniques which relax, condition and tone the muscles, improving circulation and aiding detoxification.  This is often given through the clothes throughout the whole treatment.






 – Corporate Events                             Feeling Tired?

 – Workplace                                        Concentration Lagging?

 – Care Centres                                    Tight Tense Neck & Shoulders?

 – Home                                                Stressed?

                                                            In Need of Pampering?


Head and Shoulder Massage releases the stress and tension accumulated in the tissues of the shoulders, neck, head and face.


The Client remains fully clothed and seated throughout.  Gentle pressure and massage strokes are applied to the shoulders, neck, head and face.



Calming, Relaxing, Rejuvenating.

Improved Blood Circulation and Lymphatic Flow,

Relieves Stress, Tension, Fatigue, Insomnia,

Eases Neck and Shoulder pain, Headaches, Sinusitis.




Reiki is an ancient energy healing system rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui, a Buddhist monk in the late 1800s. Reiki balances the bodys energy centres and aura, during a Reiki session the Practitioner acts as a conduit of energy. Reiki helps calm the emotions, eases physical and emotional pain, and is suitable for all conditions acute and chronic.




Trish practises from clinics based in 1.  Shankill, Co. Dublin, 2. Health 1st Main Street, Wicklow,  3. The Wellspring Esmonde Street, Co. Wexford.  She has been practising as an Amatsu practitioner since 1999 and is a member of the Amatsu Association of Ireland. She also gives on site Head and Shoulder Massage treatments calling to corporate events, care centres, workplaces and homes.


Trish’s qualifications include: Shoden and Chuden Amatsu (Anma and Seitai); Healing Massage; Indian Head Massage; Energy Healing; Reiki – 1, 2, 3, Mastership, Integrated Energy Healing Basic and Intermediate Levels.

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