Priscilla plays: resident evil: operation raccoon city (another hands on preview!)

I’ve been a devout fan of video games for the better part of two decades (sorry gentlemen; but a lady never reveals her age!) but I have, until now, only seen one side of the video game industry. The holiday wishlists, the preordering — the retail side of the industry. However, I recently I had the exclusive chance to preview the gems that Capcom has in the works for us in the upcoming year.

The event was held in the Ace Hotel in New York City – a beautiful, luxurious hotel right off of Broadway. We were met with friendly, welcoming public relations staff and delicious, sugary refreshments. We dived into the game-play immediately, as I was very, very, very eager to try everything out.

The first game that was previewed was: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, a dark, visceral game that takes place in between Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. In Operation Raccoon City, you play as one of Umbrella Corporation’s finest – needless to say, these characters are absolute, ruthless killing machines. The character I decided to play as was Four Eyes, a field scientist that looks straight out of a steam-punk magazine.

During the time of the demo, each character that you can choose starts out with two unique traits that are incredibly useful during game-play; they range from being able to trip security cameras to healing yourself if one gets infected (a problem gamers haven’t had to worry about since the Outbreak series – but an omnipresent problem nonetheless.) As an experiment, I decided to become infected to see how the game handles infection, and it is incredibly scary (but in a good way!)!

There are classic elements sprinkled in, and I won’t spoil all of them, except one, the nightmarish “You Have Died” written in blood screen is still present, reminding you of your death. As someone who was previously not a fan of the earlier Resident Evil series, I found the game easy to control and play, and the game-play itself was nothing short of the word hypnotic, and it’ll be available right in time for the holiday season!




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