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Facts and myths about toner cartridge recycling

The growth of the internet has made it difficult to find many reliable sources of information. Because individuals are now able to include their own posts on blogs or submit information to other websites, it is becoming increasingly difficult to discover what is true and what is false. This is especially true when trying to find information about toner cartridge recycling. For example, one myth about recycled toner cartridges is that a recycled cartridge will void the warranty on your product. This is a false claim that has been proven false by the United States government. They have mandated that unless the cartridge is directly responsible for the printer’s failure, there is no legal rationale behind voiding the warranty.

This is an extremely common myth that has gained momentum due to the persistence of the brand name printer companies. If a printer company ever tries to use that false rationale with you, then you can simply mention that it is a false claim. Typically, printer companies will be fair when discussing warranty proceedings with you.

A fact of toner cartridge recycling is that there is an opportunity for you to receive a commission if you recycle your old brand name toner cartridges. This is not a commonly known fact, so very few consumers are taking advantage of the opportunity. There are recycling companies that specialize in acquiring old toner cartridges, and they are happy to pay you a commission for your used and empty cartridges. Why are they willing to pay you?

These are the same companies that help to produce remanufactured toner cartridges. With the empty cartridges that you send in, these companies will remanufacture them into cartridges with old and new parts. The toner will be refilled and they will resell the cartridges to consumers at a discounted price.

Trish cavanagh



Clinics located in Shankill, Co. Dublin, Wicklow Town and Gorey Co. Wexford


Download Brochure here (pdf)

AmatsuAmatsu Blue Kanji

Spinal & Cranial Alignment

Whole Body Rebalancing

Easing Muscle & Joint Pain

Gentle and Deeply Relaxing


Amatsu is a physical therapy, which helps the body let go of postural difficulties, easing joint and muscle pain. Gentle safe techniques are used to relax muscles and strengthen ligaments.


Amatsu treats the whole body from feet to head



Back & Neck Pain, Muscle, Joint & Limb Pain, Sports Injuries, Whiplash, Sciatica, Arthritis, Headaches, Tinnitus, Jaw Pain, Postural Problems, Scoliosis, Irritable Bowel, Acid Reflux, Digestive Problems, Stress.



Amatsu is derived from ancient Japanese warrior healing arts.  Dennis Bartrum and William Doolan brought Amatsu to the west under the guidance of Dr Masaaki Hatsumi Phd, Grand Master Bujinkan martial art (Ninjutsu).



Applied Kinesiology

Known as Muscle Testing, a biofeedback tool, gaining information on the functioning of muscles, joints and organs.

Ligamentous Reflex Repatterning

Working with the nervous systems response and control of ligaments. By gently holding and moving the limbs, joints and muscles are rebalanced.

Body and Cranial Balancing

Gentle techniques including working with the Cranio Sacral Rhythm, an inherent subtle rhythm throughout the entire body.  Gentle pressure and support is given to key areas.  These techniques ease restrictions  in the skull and entire body.


Applying gentle pressure to Kusho (special) points, located by observation and palpation.  This improves and balances fluid and energy flows, enabling the body’s structures to balance themselves.

Remedial Massage

Massage techniques which relax, condition and tone the muscles, improving circulation and aiding detoxification.  This is often given through the clothes throughout the whole treatment.






 – Corporate Events                             Feeling Tired?

 – Workplace                                        Concentration Lagging?

 – Care Centres                                    Tight Tense Neck & Shoulders?

 – Home                                                Stressed?

                                                            In Need of Pampering?


Head and Shoulder Massage releases the stress and tension accumulated in the tissues of the shoulders, neck, head and face.


The Client remains fully clothed and seated throughout.  Gentle pressure and massage strokes are applied to the shoulders, neck, head and face.



Calming, Relaxing, Rejuvenating.

Improved Blood Circulation and Lymphatic Flow,

Relieves Stress, Tension, Fatigue, Insomnia,

Eases Neck and Shoulder pain, Headaches, Sinusitis.




Reiki is an ancient energy healing system rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui, a Buddhist monk in the late 1800s. Reiki balances the bodys energy centres and aura, during a Reiki session the Practitioner acts as a conduit of energy. Reiki helps calm the emotions, eases physical and emotional pain, and is suitable for all conditions acute and chronic.




Trish practises from clinics based in 1.  Shankill, Co. Dublin, 2. Health 1st Main Street, Wicklow,  3. The Wellspring Esmonde Street, Co. Wexford.  She has been practising as an Amatsu practitioner since 1999 and is a member of the Amatsu Association of Ireland. She also gives on site Head and Shoulder Massage treatments calling to corporate events, care centres, workplaces and homes.


Trish’s qualifications include: Shoden and Chuden Amatsu (Anma and Seitai); Healing Massage; Indian Head Massage; Energy Healing; Reiki – 1, 2, 3, Mastership, Integrated Energy Healing Basic and Intermediate Levels.

Painting my life with tramadol.

Posted at October 15, 2009

I’m a painter. That is what I do. It is my passion, my true reason for being here on this planet and the one thing I always wanted to do. For 35 years I have been painting emotions, thoughts and life-like characters, creating something wonderful and memorable for years to come. But we cannot defeat age and its effects are more than noticeable, being quite hard to bear sometimes. I was diagnosed a year ago with a cruel degenerative disease that affects all the major articulations in my body and leaves me with an unbearable pain to suffer.

The one thing that bothered me the most is that I had such a hard time painting and doing why I loved the most. The brush I could barely keep did not seem to do the same magic and leave those wonderful marks on the white canvas. I was almost desperate when I thought my doctor and asked for something to relieve the pain. I mentioned to her that for a painter there is nothing worse than not being able to create and express feelings through art. She decided that I should start a treatment with Tramadol, which was as she said, a synthetic opiate pain-reliever. As we proceeded with the treatment, we were going to discuss about dosage, side-effects and other important issues, she added.

In just one week, I recovered from the pain and even from the stiffness that the disease had caused, taking 2 pills a day just as recommended. Sure, they made me feel nauseous and a little bit agitated but I could pain and that was all I wanted. For weeks, I kept on working with a genuine frenzy and was more than satisfied with the new paintings I had succeeded to make. The doctor kept on supervising me and asked me how I was doing, if there were any side-effects and how serious they were. I mentioned them and she decided that the treatment will continue.

The one thing I forgot to mention is that the disease is commonly manifested by acute episodes with severe inflammation, pain and extreme stiffness. The three symptoms appeared in my case as well, preventing me from functioning at all sometimes. I had to increase the dosage of Tramadol as I could not be the type of guy destined to spend his life in bed, hoping for the pain to go away. The doctor agreed to a dosage of 100 mg/day, meaning 4 pills and she said that we will see how it goes, then discuss any further.

The amazing thing is that Tramadol reduced the number of acute episodes and their severity as well. I felt just fine except maybe a little bit anxious and could not sleep. But once again I could paint. The dosage of Tramadol was working fine for me and during that period I even had a very successful exhibition at the cultural center. At nights, I shivered and sweated extremely, symptoms that kind of got me worried. Was Tramadol right, after all?

During the course of the next weeks, the doctor recommended that we reduce the dosage to three pills a day. I started to feel better but still not like myself. Then I realized that I had to make a choice and started to look for other pain relieving medication. No matter how many drugs I have tried, Tramadol seems to be the most effective and with reduced side-effects. I returned to Tramadol and hoped that somehow I will learn to deal with the effects it had on me.

I still take Tramadol and at times passes, the side-effects seem to be less impressive. I do not know for how long I will continue the treatment with Tramadol but I am sure that it is what I need for the moment. The truth is that I would not be able to create so many wonderful paintings without being free of pain and that is what Tramadol offers to me. I prefer to learn to deal with the side-effects than live without art!

Pain Relief

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Frequently answered facts about tramadol

One particular review concerning Tramadol 50mg 30 tabs along with hot flashes suffered by breast cancers survivors is related to an even more latest study concerning the usage of black cohosh. (Black cohosh is definitely an herb used ordinarily by Native National healers and handed down from era to era meant for the elimination of hot flashes together with other menopausal symptoms.) As mentioned earlier on, women who’ve breast melanoma are unable to look at estrogen replacement treatments, in truth they have to have a medication which confines the impact of estrogen for quite a while right after surgery. Even in women who will be not next to menopause, this drug creates severe hot sensations against Tramadol 50mg 90 tabs. During the study of Tramadol 100mg 30 tabs along with hot flashes, the actual antidepressant had been proven to lower hot flash consistency simply by as much while 79%. Black cohosh was proven to reduce hot thumb frequency by just as much as 100%. Within the 90 women whom took part in the dark-colored cohosh study, none of them reported unpleasant side-effects and nobody dropped out. In the 30 women who participated inside study of Tramadol 100mg 90 tabs along with hot flashes, three or more (10%) dropped out caused by sleepiness and one dropped out as a consequence of anxiety, a potential adverse effect to Tramadol dosage.

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Buy online tramadol – if you want cheaper medication


Buy Online Tramadol – if you want cheaper medication

Posted by
admin 10 April, 2009

If you are prescribed tramadol by your doctor or other medical provider, there are many options that you have when it comes time to buy the prescription. Many people are still accustomed to visiting their local drug store or pharmacy and filling their prescriptions there, but there are two other options that could save you some money, and some time. If you want cheaper medication and a little less hassle than the trouble of going all the way to the pharmacy, you should know that you can buy online tramadol prescriptions. Most of these companies ship the medicine overnight or via two day shipping methods, allowing you to get your medicine fast and efficiently.

By having a virtual pharmacy, you won’t face the typical markup found in drugstores and pharmacies that have the expense of a store on their shoulders. When you buy online tramadol, you might save more money than you realized all because the company spends less money running their business. This is a great option for those who can’t get out as much, as well, because it helps them to get what they need, when they need it. There are so many different ways that you can buy tramadol online, and you can even buy multiple months’ worth at a time if you want.

To buy online tramadol, you simply need to have a prescription and know a reputable online pharmacy that you can buy it from. There are a lot of different online pharmacies out there, and you need to be careful to make sure that you’re working with a legitimate and reputable one. You shouldn’t be scared to order from online pharmacies, but just cautious in choosing one that suits your exact needs. First of all, you’ll need to make sure that the pharmacy is U.S. based, because regardless of what you’ve heard, it is a federal crime to buy medicine outside of the U.S. when you are a U.S. citizen.

Tramadol is a great pain reliever for many instances. It is commonly used for a variety of conditions, mostly because it works so well. It is more powerful than other analgesics are, but it doesn’t have the harsh side effects like narcotics and opiates do. It has a nice balance of pain relief and minimal side effects that make it popular for many different people and uses. If you’re prescribed tramadol for any condition, you should be happy to know that you have the ability to buy online tramadol, making your life easier and more convenient.

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Yoga « this omazing life

Dare!Published February 8, 2013 at 4:00 pm

Happy Friday, friends! This weekend, our dare is pretty delicious – set aside 20 minutes for a restorative yoga practice! What you need: Download Elle’s guided restorative class by signing up for our newsletter here. (You will receive the download link once you confirm your subscription) Comfy clothing and socks Blankets Pillows Eye pillow or […]

Meditation is something that most of us find really difficult to do.  It can be uncomfortable, stressful, confronting, or maybe even feel like a waste of time, but it is actually a great way to calm the mind, nourish the soul, and give yourself a little time all by yourself.  That in and of itself […]

by elle Welcome to another brand new week!  I am back in chilly St. Louis after a warm and magical week on Kauai – did you see the video I made for you of some yoga on the beach? How is your study of tapas/self-discipline going this month?  Swimmingly?  Or are you having a hard […]

Dare!Published January 18, 2013 at 9:10 am

by elle BOOM! It’s Friday, and I know you’re feeling pretty excited about the whole doing-yoga-at-your-house thing.  I can sense your excitement from all the way over here in Kauai, where I have spent the past week.  Your tapas is showing, my friends.  And I like it. We have spent this week getting you pumped about […]

So we’ve been posting all week about creating your own home practice and the “Tapas” it requires to do that.  Maybe you’ve become inspired, but you’re thinking “I’ve got the tapas, I’ve created my sacred space, and I’m ready to practice, but I’m not a yoga teacher so what should I practice?“  I definitely battled […]

Feeling inspired to create a yoga and meditation practice at home yet?  I will admit to you now that finding the tapas to maintain an at-home yoga practice is one of my greatest challenges.  Currently, the biggest roadblock I face at my own home is a lack of sacred space. What is sacred space? Sacred space is […]

This week I had the pleasure of talking about Tapas with one of the most dedicated, focused, and self-disciplined yogis I know.  Dr. Jeff Beaudoin is the founder of Omaha Power Yoga and he has an awe-inspiring dedication to his own personal growth both as a student and teacher of yoga.  Jeff practices every day, […]

from www.yogadawg.com   love, elle

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Priscilla plays: resident evil: operation raccoon city (another hands on preview!)

I’ve been a devout fan of video games for the better part of two decades (sorry gentlemen; but a lady never reveals her age!) but I have, until now, only seen one side of the video game industry. The holiday wishlists, the preordering — the retail side of the industry. However, I recently I had the exclusive chance to preview the gems that Capcom has in the works for us in the upcoming year.

The event was held in the Ace Hotel in New York City – a beautiful, luxurious hotel right off of Broadway. We were met with friendly, welcoming public relations staff and delicious, sugary refreshments. We dived into the game-play immediately, as I was very, very, very eager to try everything out.

The first game that was previewed was: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, a dark, visceral game that takes place in between Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. In Operation Raccoon City, you play as one of Umbrella Corporation’s finest – needless to say, these characters are absolute, ruthless killing machines. The character I decided to play as was Four Eyes, a field scientist that looks straight out of a steam-punk magazine.

During the time of the demo, each character that you can choose starts out with two unique traits that are incredibly useful during game-play; they range from being able to trip security cameras to healing yourself if one gets infected (a problem gamers haven’t had to worry about since the Outbreak series – but an omnipresent problem nonetheless.) As an experiment, I decided to become infected to see how the game handles infection, and it is incredibly scary (but in a good way!)!

There are classic elements sprinkled in, and I won’t spoil all of them, except one, the nightmarish “You Have Died” written in blood screen is still present, reminding you of your death. As someone who was previously not a fan of the earlier Resident Evil series, I found the game easy to control and play, and the game-play itself was nothing short of the word hypnotic, and it’ll be available right in time for the holiday season!