Bruised but no longer broken

Written by Francina J. Jamison



As I am approaching my 55th birthday, I did some reflecting this morning following my prayer time.  There has been a whole lot of trauma and drama in my life through these years.  I now know that it has all been “orchestrated” by God and it is helping to fulfill His purpose in my own life. 
The trauma started at a very early age and no one knew about it until I was in my 30’s.  My parents were not aware.  This was something that, very well, could have shut me down for life, but it didn’t.  As I grew older, there was taunting by other children (as I started gaining weight as a teenager), rejection, dejection, medical incidents and ailments, an attempted suicide, accidents, surgeries, death of a son and deaths of close relatives.  I was ostracized, criticized, verbally abused, tested and tried, and a whole lot more.  God’s grace and mercy has kept me on every side.  As I type this, I can hear Him say “my grace is sufficient”.  And, yes, it is.
He has brought me through every situation and challenge.  I may not have come through with flying colors each time, but the two operative words here are that I “came through”.  I am now on the other side of them.  I may still have more to come, but experience IS a good teacher and I know that with God’s help I can get through, again.  I know that if He did it before, He’ll most certainly do it again!
When I was a child, I thank God my mother did things with my sister and me that exposed us to the world of adventure, culture, excitement and learning.  They were pathways we could use as we grew older and they have helped us get through this journey called “life”.  I found ways to actually enjoy the journey, in spite of hard times and challenges.
Make a move and make sure you have ways that allow you to enjoy the journey.  It may be hard, but it does not have to be the end and you don’t have to be broken.  I always say we have to pamper ourselves and find outlets of pleasure.  Just do it!

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Ms. Royal has well over 12 years in the meetings industry. She became a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) in 2001 and has planned all types of meetings and events for
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Where can I buy Kratom locally in Indiana? & wholesale krotom gossip

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Acai Ripped – Best Workout To Get Ripped

21 June 2011

Post by Chris Jensen


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About the Author&#thirteen

This writer writes about Acai Ripped Evaluation | Get Ripped Supplements For Free of charge and How Trim Stomach Fat.

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Marketing somatics – somatic identity

In today’s marketing world with growth as the imperative, marketers need to out-innovate and out-smart the competition by introducing truly avant-garde products, services and communications that work.

Marketing somatics is a new and unique approach to marketing that assists marketers to connect with the consumer at the deepest level by working at the level of the brain’s own body maps. It is about developing somatic ads, somatic packs and somatic communications that connect in the right way for your brand and target consumer.

Marketing somatics works by connecting consumers with their emotions because latest findings in neuroscience show that emotions are embodied – ie experienced in our bodies as metaphors.

This website is designed to introduce marketers to tools they can use to connect somatically and hence make a stronger emotional impact with consumers. Marketers can take existing positionings and empower them by understanding their somatic correlates or use some of the frameworks included here – see Water People for such a positioning framework.

The contents of this website are based on extensive research: qualitative intensive one on one interviews with people 16 to 50 and a lengthy semi-structured survey with 270 people using a variety of metaphoric questions and somatic attributes. 

Call Liane Ringham at INSIDE STORYKnowledge Management to learn more about marketing somatics and how to connect with consumers at a deeper, more emotional level using the METAPHOR STORY© Insight Technique.

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