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14 , 2004

Been a long long time that I am fancying of having my own website…a
place, rather a palace of my own in the web…Guess what – even
after being UI Designer for 6 flashy years, only now I could come
up with something, atleast something – at last…(see how hyperactive
I am)…But jokes apart, you know what the problem was? Since
I design sites myself, I thought my own site would have to be
something rrrreally “cool”, better than annnny of the
website I have ever designed or else it’s gonna be genuinely awesome,
gorgeous – in the truest sense…know what…and no prize for
guessing correctly, – couldn’t do it; simple as that. It took
me quite a while to get out of those musings and broodings and
get going. And so, here’s yours truely, finally…

Your face shows u r getting a little irritated with all the talk
here…so I leave you at this stage and let you browse the way
you want to…that is if you really want to browse at all 😀

By the way, did I mention I am very much interested in usability
and user psychology? And you are reading this line means I’m
starting to understand it now 🙂 I like to read a lot and when
I get down regarding something I listen to The Beatles.

Nov 2, 2004

I came back from Kolkata yesterday. I was there for the pujas.
I dont know why after all these years of my life I still feel
very sad when the puja ends…it leaves an emptiness all around
me. After 9 months I went home. There was so much to see there
were so many things to talk about. There was a huge amount of
excitement growing inside me when the plane landed, but I think
the 15 days passed so fast. I somehow feel it should have been
at least 30 days 🙂 coming back was tough, mom was sad, my friends
were sad, and don’t ask about me…whether I was sad.

Met the old friends, a lot of adda sessions, updates about what
has been going on there. Oh I should mention the party lalu gave
us at the Mishras. It was just too much, everyone came except
Debraj, he was busy somewhere. Let me tell you that there I just
did not have any chance of updating the diary, because I was buuuussssyyy.
So the next date after 14th is 2nd in my diary 🙂 I have lots
of pics too that I will have to update. I requested Bui to give
me a write up on puja in kolkata…lets see when he does that
or I will write that up myself. But…bottom line…I
am still missing kolkata.

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