Healthrisk Technologies – Infection Control Risk Assessments

Healthrisk Technologies, Inc.’s
Portable Electronic
Risk Management Interface
or ”
system empowers the risk assessment team with a handheld device
capable of streamlining the entire process of review, assessment,
and monitoring construction and maintenance activities within
the healthcare facility.

Infection Control Risk Assessments are now seamlessly
automated, documented and integrated into the management process
via the PERMIT hand held device and its web based administrative
components. From the development of new projects, thru updating
existing or ongoing projects, PERMIT is flexible and adaptable
to real world situations.

Risk Assessments are prepared by the assessment team at their
desktop via the web based administrative component of the program.
Precaution and disruption classes are presented for review and
approval by the team on the web based component of the program.
On completion of the project definition and scope criteria, a
risk assessment is automatically distributed by PERMIT to the
designated representatives of the team. Once accepted, PERMIT
generates a custom survey form specifically based on the project;
that is downloaded into the mobile hand held device.

Once the assessment is complete, the device streamlines the inspection
and verification process. All data acquired in the field is synchronized
to the PERMIT server, and offers immediate online or hard copy
documentation. Documentation includes daily inspection reports,
hospital wide trending reports, and automatic email alerts when
assessment violations are documented on the device in the construction

Optional modules allow for visual access to Phasing Drawings,
and other construction contract documents, placing access to the
entire Construction and Renovation Plan at the facility managers’

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